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    Yep, I wont fill up my car if there is a tanker in the gas station. I'm sure it CANstir up sediment, but who's to say that a tanker didnt just leave the station 10 minutes before I got there? 210k miles on my Acura and no fuel issues at all, and I'm sure I filled up at a station within 24 hours of a tanker dozens of times.

    I guess if you know the day your marina gets topped off, then yeah its easy to avoid. My question is what if they get low earlier, will they have a truck come in Friday? Or they dont sell much, will they delay it until the next Monday? You'd have to have a pretty good relationship with the fuel dock to know exactly how long its been.
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    Agreed. I'm lucky to have numerous ethanol-free fuel docks within a couple miles of my marina. And they both have multi-million dollar boats at the marina, so I kinda doubt they are cutting corners.

    Must have been nice to be a boater in the 80's & 90's, 2 bucks a gallon and no ethanol concerns. :/

    Oh yeah and good water levels (here in the Great Lakes anyways).
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    I appreciate both original comments.. fueling during or within 24hrs after a resup is almost a guarantee to get crap in your tank... but there is no way to know when the station (especially a high volume station) resupped..

    you can't account for that...

    what you CAN and SHOULD account for is maintaining a rigid maintenance schedule that includes swapping fuel filters... do it regularly.. there is no telling when you will run into something that can clog your filters.. it may be at the very beginning of a fresh filter, or at the end of ones service life..

    I filter the crap out of my diesel.. I run a 80ga slip tank in addition to a 35ga on board tank.. I three times filter it before it reaches the engine in descending micron size (10micron, 4micron, 2micron and 2micron), and that much fuel on board allows me to only run trusted supply points.. I plan on using the same supplier for my boat as well.........

    here is a good tip, though: keep ALL your fueling receipts.. one dose of bad fuel that wrecks an engine is, believe it or not, an insurance claim... most insurance companies will go to bat for you with the supplier (and their insurance companies) IF YOU CAN PROVE THEY PROVIDED IT.. :-)
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    My home marina had a bad issue 2 years ago: they replaced the decking on the docks where the fuel dock is located (all the way at the end).  In tearing out the boards and nailing in new ones, you can imaging the dock got shook pretty good.  First few boats of the season to fill up ended up with clogged filters.  Turns out the vibrations loosened all the scale/rust in the piping and all that junk went right into the boat fuel tanks.  They did 'man-up' and cover cleaning/repairs to the boats and somehow filtered all the junk out of their lines.

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