On 2013 276BR. Have had difficulty getting fuel in.

tdorancpatdorancpa Member Posts: 1
Was told by dealer that new emissions it would be difficult to fuel up first time or two, but should be ok after that. I had problems off and on all season.

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  • JoeStangJoeStang Member Posts: 1,115 ✭✭✭✭
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    Hmm, didnt have any issues with mine (2013 276 CC). Its real easy to see the fuel inlet, so I guess give it a quick look and make sure its not kinked or bent strange.

    Does it go in, but just slowly? Did you go to different marinas and the same outcome?
    2013 276 Cuddy ~ 350 MAG / B3
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    I wonder if your dealer was suggesting that 'you' had a learning curve ahead, or if there was some sort of mechanism in the fill procedure that needs to be 'broken in'?

    if something like below, I could see that it may need some 'breaking in':


    if a 'standard' neck that vents through fill, like below, then the trick is getting the nozzle tip a little below the vent intersection:



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