An Excert that Steve sent Moderators

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UPDATE update on several things on the forum. We're working on a complete redesign so that the page matches the newly relaunched website. This will NOT affect functionality and the forum will continue to operate exactly the same way. EXCEPT...we are about to get a big update on the forum platform that will address many of little issues we've been dealing with...especially browser compatibility and picture sizing. It will also be much easier to use on mobile platforms

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    How about fixing notifications so they work. I haven't had a notification yet on the threads I have been watching....just wondering if others are the same. Yes I did tick off email notifications, still not working... I use Windows 8.1 with Firefox.
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    Same here Ron, never get any notifications since I registered last year this time.
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    This is what Steve wanted feedback That's why I posted this

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    • Easier photo posting without the need for a 3rd party website host would hopefully promote more individual Rinker images.
    • I still can't seem to link a Youtube post even though I tried just about everything I could imagine.
    • Like Cptn Ron, I usually use Win 8.1 (and occasionally Win 7), usually with Firefox as a browser.

    Thanks for clarifying the topic. I guess i thought it was just a news flash.
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    I know its still a work in progress right now, but I much preferred the layout before with the options on the left.

    I think overall it was pretty good before, but yeah picture & video attachment option would be nice and simpler Youtube would be great.

    Also, signature pictures within a set size limit would be nice too.
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    Pass to the coders:

    Make a CSS entry something like this:

    .post img { max-height : 200px; max-width: 200px}

    That will limit the pictures in the post body to whatever size, in this case 200 pixels, if in fact the name of the div or class is 'post'..

    There is a very simple way to use the rinker format and have the forum, as we know it, unaltered in appearance with the main page. Not an iframe, either, but incorporated all the same.. it uses the 'include' or the 'require' call to action in PHP.. I prefer include, as if something doesn't process using 'require' it will crash the users experience with the page..

    Ten minutes of coding will accomplish this.. here is one of my pages, FWIW, that uses this method.. it is a simple machines forum, but the format is controlled by one PHP file and one CSS file, and the entire layout can change without altering content.

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    I run into the problem on my iphone where you type in a response and it either: a) saves some or all of it to a draft and will not post unless you go to the full site or go to drafts and send, or b) will not post at all (does nothing).

    Something fun to add like the old RBO site: you can pin your location on a map (for those who remember that function).  It was handy to find members in an area.

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    bigger avatar pics would be nice
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    Hey guys...we're trying to get this new version in place by the end of this week. Until then, the layout will look a little different. Many of the items you point out are part of the update. Thanks for your patience! 

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    Sooo. Cannot add a 'like' to a posting from an iPhone, it wants Java now. Cannot add pictures/files either.

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