Didn't Remember his Rinker at the Dock-For 2 Yrs!

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Mirror – A wealthy Norwegian sailor has finally claimed a luxury boat that has been floating in a Swedish harbour unattended for two years – after he FORGOT all about it. Police had issued a Facebook appeal to find the identity of the owner of the boat, which had its keys hanging from a railing on the pier. This being Scandanavia, no one had opted to take it for a joyride. The boat, worth $108,000 (£65,000) when in prime condition, was left in Fort Washington harbour in the Swedish town of Stromstad, close to Norway’s southern border. Norwegian media picked up on the appeal as a newspaper and documents from that country were found in the cabin of the American-made Rinker 342 Fiesta Vee. Two days after the March 24 appeal, someone stepped forward. Swedish newspaper Expressen reported that the owner told police he had intended to sell the vessel in 2012 and thought he had done so. “You have to be very wealthy to be able to forget about a boat in this price range,” it quoted Swedish police inspector Tomas Andersson as saying. Two years’ worth of harbour dues are now due from the owner – but he won’t be too worried about that. “[It is] a cost he can apparently afford,” reported Expressen.

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