496 Serpentine Belt

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I need to get a spare serp belt and cannot find a cross reference part number for the life of me. Does anyone know what belt this engine takes? It is 2005 8.1L 496 mag. Serial number 0w313264.


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    Me too - also struggling to find the info. I see two part numbers:
    57-865615Q01 ... 2830mm belt, Fits 496 Mag (S/N 0M025000-0W309999)
    57-865635Q01 ... 2519mm belt, Fits 496 Mag S/N 0W310000 and up

    If this info is accurate, you need the shorter belt -- 57-865635Q01. 

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    I took a picture of mine before taking it off (to make a record of the exact layout for the re-install, which was actually different than the engine decal) and went to Napa auto parts and easily found a brand new one exactly the same by physically matching the size. I now have an easy number to go by and kept the old one for a spare.

    The main lesson was on the routing of the belt being different than the engine decal which would have been a frustrating puzzle at a bad time if the belt had broken. Take a pic before removing it or at least confirm the layout with the decal on the engine.

    Your application is probably different but it was a pretty painless process at the parts store.
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