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I have a 2005 captiva 212 xr1, I'm wondering if I should or can take the trailer guides at the back off? they are welded on 3/8 x 1 1/4" flat stock pre- bent with 3' or 4'  2"x4" carpeted guide, they really don't help because they bend under load to the point of 1 broken weld.  the only time I really need them is a river pick up, after a storm the day before, faster current. I usually have at least 2 of my boys to help. I have had a surgery on my shoulder so I'm not cranking it on the trailer anymore, but I figure if I'm on the dock and 1 boy is at the helm, 1 in the truck/ trailer I can take a line from the rear and straighten the boat parallel with trailer . what are your thoughts? just thinking it would also help in polishing the boat if they weren't there... a plus.


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    Sounds like you're talking about horizontal side guides to align the boat as it loads. We trailer a much bigger boat with little/no assistance in just about any conditions and I couldn't imagine wrestling my boat in a tough spot without them. Maybe yours is easier but there may be a day when you don't have much help and that creaky shoulder won't appreciate your simplifying/eliminating a useful option.

    If theyre not working because they're bent/broken/hosed then maybe just get some simpler vertical pipe guides rather than long horizontal side boards. Just sayin'. Mike
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    I've looked all over the internet for other guides and found that since I put on tall pvc guides, because I sink the bunks all the way to get my boat on, if I cut off the wooden bunk I still have guides for loading.  thanks guys for your input and NOW I think I got it covered.
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