Forward bilge pump out of order. FV 250

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I just discovered that my forward bilge pump doesn´t work. The fuse in the aft control panel looks ok though.

There is a small nob on the float switch that can be turned and I guess the purpose is to simulate the flotation movement. However the pump is still not activated. For the moment I can´t really tell if the switch or the pump is broken or even if there is any power in the wires. There is no connectors on the wires so I can’t measure the presence, or the lack off, power. I would like to avoid peeling of the insulation in this potentially wet compartment.

Does anyone know where the wires end up, witch way they go and if there are any connectors along the way?

I have been looking for a wiring diagram for this boat on the web but no luck there. Anybody got one?

The pump is connected with Black/Brown wires and the switch is hocked up to Gray/Gray. See Photo.


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