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I have a couple of surface nicks in the top of the seat back by engine cover/sun deck on my 232 Captiva BR in the white vinyl. I have tried to do a search on the web and all want to fix a tear completely through the seat. I just want to glue the nick in the vinyl covering so that it doesn't get worse. It looks like something was dragged across the seat back (before I bought the boat) and gouged the vinyl cover but didn't tear or puncture through. I am talking about 1/8" or smaller V shaped nicks. Anyone ever tried fixing something like this or should I talk to a car dealer detail shop in the area?



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    Had mine taken care at dealer their guy fixed it. Upholstery guy should be able to hook you up on how
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    I do not know where you live but I had a nasty hole in my cushion and took it to Skipper Buds in Lake Geneva, WI and they had someone fix it and I cannot even tell anything was done.

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    Don't glue it, the hard glue will actually cause it to tear even worse if any pressure is applied.  You will also see the glue as the texture is different. Believe me, I learned the hard away and ended up with a bigger mess to fix.

    I called a guy who repairs vinyl and leather - it cost me $100 to fix a bad area. So far it's lasted 1 year, no issues and you can't even tell it was ever damaged - looks like brand new.

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    Attwood makes a marine vinyl repair kit available from Overtons ( I'm sure other places as well) that is pretty simple to use and if you really take your time matching the color it turns out great. I think it cost about 15 bucks
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