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is it possible to clean out the drive's lube tank? how would you do it? I may have found my annoying, intermittent PIA, I have had a quick beep and motor shuts down, turn key and it's running fine. this has happened about 4 time in 3 years, don't know why. none of the gauges changed from normal, oil pressure at 50ish psi, temp around 170' and volts at 14. someone said they had the same thing on their boat and it turned out to be the drive lube tank float. yesterday while we were out it happened twice but it didn't kill the motor only stalled, one beep and stalled bfore it stopped it was back to running smooth. any suggestions? I'm soo stumped!!


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    Easy to clean! Unstrap it and empty into a container. Use some brake cleaner or carb cleaner to rinse it out and dump out again. No doubt you will find blue goo at the bottom, maybe other fines too. Then just refill.

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    Lube tank and many many other things can set an alarm, best thing is to get a code reader or have a mechanic to do it.
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    floater212floater212 Confirm Email, Member Posts: 121 ✭✭
    how many alarms would kill the motor quickly? I am going to the marina Tuesday to see if he can pull ANY codes off the ecm.
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    Floater, if your engine loses its timing, it will die.. it will fall off and maybe pick back up, but most often just stop.. I'm talking about either your crank position sensor (ckps) or your camshaft position sensor (cps).. the ckps will behave as you suggested when it is nearing its end.. it usually starts to fail in a specific engine speed range, and then that range starts to grow... The cps is indiscriminate about range, but acts similarly. Hope this helps.
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