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I often cruise to csr forum for useful info. Many of the parts on our boats are the same as a SR. What I have found is that most of the posts on csr are put up by idiots who should not even own a boat. They ask the most stupid questions, it's like they have no brain or common since, I sure like messing with them, and they hate me for being honest. There are a lot of good people on csr and I can't believe they put up with all the stupid crap  that people post there. For an example they ask who to vote for in the up coming election, duh. Brain dead.....

Just my 2 cents


You have to love the water....

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    well sir.. I've seen similar, and lately..

    background, fwiw:  I went through a prop search last year, and thought I had found what I needed based on engine speed, just to find my Tach was goobered up later and reading wildly.. I managed to get that dialed in now, and it reads within 50ish of actual speed as read by a mechanics tach.. in short, wiring needs to have near perfect integrity and continuity to get good readings... after that discovery, I've found hope that my boat may not be a pig performance wise, and that it just needs the right prop.. so, I'm playing the prop game again.. and I seek information here and elsewhere to guide me.. it's the elsewhere that is problematic..

    I can site you sources where people regurgitate what their board elders opine, and consider it gospel- even in the face of evidence to the contrary.. it's almost entwining 'when in rome' with 'popular opinion'.. it is frustrating to see that 'another group', of people (read: another forum) feel completely contradictory to 'wisdom' provided on the other board.  we're not talking different applications, either- not comparing bass boats to off shore cruisers, or pontoons to rigid hull inflatables, ect... we're talking boats in the same family/classification..

    May you receive mercy from the Almighty if you disagree with a boards established 'wisdom', because you ain't getting none from them for even suggesting they may be mistaken.. 

    here, since I've been here, anyway, seems to be more open to the thought processes of others.  that is a very good thing, because no matter how good someone is with something they may have missed something that matters and can be straightened out w/o confrontation... I once took something MT said as confrontational, which was wrong of me in retrospect.. I though at the time 'crap, here we go....', but, again, it wasn't meant the way I have been conditioned to expect from message boards in general...

    i own several message boards, and attempt to keep things cordial on them as it is here.. that is actually hard to find on the interwebby, and one of the reasons I like this joint.
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    Well said Drew.  This is my favorite place to chat (if it's not obvious) & all of the members here have been great!  Most came here from our last great stomping ground, thankfully.  & many thanks to Rinker for not butting in and allowing some very useful and helpful conversations...and allowing a great place for this interaction!  Everyone here adds their own piece to the puzzle!

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    There are few places left in this mad world where your brothers have your back on issues that are, to us, of great importance, financial concern and often, outright safety. This is one such place. Well said DA and DI.....MT
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    Yeah I stay out of the more generic forum categories over at CSR.  I have gotten a lot of great info from them on a host of issues over the past couple years.  They have a ton more traffic than us, so a lot of wisdom is there, but you have to sift through the knuckleheads to get to it.  I try not to antagonize, but do find it funny that many posts that come from others who have another manufacturers boat get ridiculed or ignored.  It certainly makes you want to open your mouth.
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    This is one of the few forums I've found not filled with keyboard tough guys looking to jump down your throat for asking something they feel not worthy of their time. For that reason most forums I don't contribute just search and read
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    My comments get deleted
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    Of all the boating forums i am on, this one is the best for feedback and help.

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    Handymans342 what comments are getting deleted? 
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    Wow, I hope we aren't deleting any of yours Handy??  There have been very few I've ever had to delete.  The members on this forum are great and keep things clean!

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    Yea, my clean, honest and truthful comments were being deleted regardless if they were on topic or not LOL
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    Steve, were you giving those sea ray diesel guys a hard time with their old-style cat engines?
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    No, those engines are great.
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