Anchor Upgrade for 342

I have a 2005 342 Fiesta Vee and I am looking to replace the anchor as it is definitely underweight. Has anyone upgraded the anchor and if so what size were you able to go up to without having to reconfigure the boat. 


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    Black_DiamondBlack_Diamond Member Posts: 5,439 ✭✭✭✭✭
    JP- stock anchor now? I've never had a problem with the anchor being undersized on my 342, even in 6-8' seas. You do have chain on your rode, yes?

    What type of bottom do you anchor in? You might have the wrong type, not underweight.

    Past owner of a 2003 342FV
    PC BYC, Holland, MI
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    TonyWalkerTonyWalker Member Posts: 744 ✭✭✭
    I swapped our plow anchor for a Manson Supreme.  Fits the same set up, no changes required.  Big difference.  When it grabs the bottom, it owns it.  It is made in New Zealand.

    Salt Shaker 342

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    craigswardmtbcraigswardmtb Member Posts: 1,015 ✭✭✭
    I would second Tony's recommendation.  I had my Delta give on me a couple times and I moved to a Rocna (almost identical to a Manson) and went up one size.  I have been in some heavy winds in crumby bottom surfaces and have not moved an inch.  I sleep much sounder now while under anchor.
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    raybo3raybo3 Administrator Posts: 5,469 admin
    I have never had a problem with my anchor..........
    2002 342 Fiesta Vee PC Point Of Pines YC Revere MA. popyc.org     raybo3@live.com
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