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I somehow got some leaves under the storage cover this past winter and had some staining on the small carpets in the walk-through area.  I cleaned them using a standard household carpet cleaning machine in the spring and I thought I got everything out.

While on vacation last week,  the carpets got wet with lake water,  enough to kickstart the growth of whatever was left in the carpets from the spring.   The smell was horrendous.  What to do...... 

I filled a laundry tub with warm water and several scoops of Oxyclean.   I let them soak overnight.   By morning,  the stains and odour were completely gone,  much to my amazement.   I really never had too much success with the oxidizing cleaners. 

Once dry,  I treated the carpets with Aerospace 303 for fabrics to give them a bit of stain and water repellency.  I should have taken before and after shots! 


Good,  fast,  cheap.... pick two. 


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    Great info!

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    Oxiclean works great. 

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    Good job. Great info. 

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    Very helpful information shared by you.. the Woolite is also helpful to clean and remove the stain from any Custom Carpet ..
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    I use my power washer @2000 psi and the carpets get super clean.  Even blows the fine dirt and sand out too.  Once every year.  5 years and carpet looks great.  Except the crappy rubber back. I duc taped that.

    New carpets next year.
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    I get my carpets professionally cleaned ever year before I put the boat away for the winter. I have a guy that comes in with an industrial steam vac and he gets everything clean, including the mattress for $150. Then I roll up everything and put it away for next year. 

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    I just take my pressure washer to mine every year. Come out looking like new. 

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    Yep, I do the pressure washer every fall before I store the carpet at home.  Always stays clean (although I'm not real thrilled with the original carpet I have, so at some point it'll be replaced)

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    yes, I agree, the original rubber backed carpet sucks. I am planning to make new carpet this winter, just using regular carpet so it drains better.  Will post some pics of how it turns out.

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