Gear Lub Reservoir 2002 Rinker Fista Vee 250

Gentlemen, I just purchased a 2002 Fiesta Vee 250. 350 Mag 5.7L Last weekend I did the wet try-out and the boat performed well. The only issues the owner and I discussed were the gauges: The out drive tilt indicator gives the wrong position it only shows a full up and 1/2 full down (when it is fully down). Also the gas indicator dances all over the gauge.

Now to the main concern: Yesterday for the first time since I own the boat a friend of mine and I took the boat for a ride and fishing; after a couple of hours of trolling I decided to check the engine and see if we had some water in the bilge, I was very pleased that every thing was perfect; very little water and all fluids were in the normal. We decides to go to a different part of the lake and we put the boat at a 26 mph to get there, half way I heard a beep sound and I could smell burning oil, I put the boat on neutral check the engine and to my surprise the drive gear reservoir was over flowing and spilling  lubricant. I know that I check the reservoir and it wad at the right level. I clean thing up and since we had oil left we continue to our destination. Few minutes later a second beep sounded and again oil was coming out but this time the reservoir was empty. we throttled back to the dock and trailer the boat back to town. 

I am not too mechanical oriented but I would like to know what is happening and talk intelligently to the mechanic on Monday





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    jhofmannjhofmann Member Posts: 430 ✭✭✭

    I know when the outdrive lube is changed, there can be air trapped inside that will work it's way out. usually as it works it's way out, the level in the reservoir goes down. Maybe as the air is being pushed out, it pushed the lube out of the reservoir. Once the air is out, it creates a void that swallowed what was left of the lube in the reservoir. I had a similar problem on my 2000 FV 242.

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    JC290JC290 Member Posts: 706 ✭✭✭

    The vent on the cap might be plugged causing it to build pressure

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    hcabalhcabal Member Posts: 7

    Thank you guys. I will be talking to the mechanic today and will pass your comments. Will keep you posted.

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