Does a 2006 rinker 342 Use Halon?

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I recently purchased a 2006 rinker 342 EC and i was wondering if anyone knows the type of chemical that comes with the factory fire suppression system? I know they made halon illegal in many places around the beginning of the mellinnium but just want to be sure... not sure what to look for on the bottle/system.

On a second thought, has anyone had to replace the factory system and what did you use?



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    Welcome to the forum and congrats on the 342 :)

    It is either Halon or HFC-227ea/Dupont FM 200, the latter being the replacement for Halon.  Not sure the cut off year for Halon, but it should be on the label.  If it has not discharged or leaked you can get it reweighed/certified by a fire ext place that can deal with halon.  If you need to replace:



    As a side note, you'll see a thread on here about the fire ext light on your panel: it is almost certainly incorrectly wired and shows green all the time.  You can check by disconnecting the wires at the fire ext and turning on your ignition..if the light stays green you have the problem too.  The light is improperly grounded.

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    Well thanks so much for the fast reply from both of you! and i will definately check out the light on the panel and ensure its fixed.... didnt even realize there was a known issue... I will have to take a closer look at the bottle and see if it is halon or the latter (fingers crossed its the latter lol )
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    @rinkeryan Do you mean responses to my thread or in general? this is my first forum so iam making my way around it slowly but surely
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    Welcome to the RBOC the 342 is a great boat

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