Is there a way to not have my signature/sig picture in every post?

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I just want my signature pic in the first post I put in each thread.. is there a way to do this?  On other forums, you can un-check a box to not include the signature.  I makes the thread harder to read through if it's in every post.

-=Mike G.

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  • BabyboomerBabyboomer Member Posts: 918 mod
    Should be gone now click on your name edit profile go to signature click strip signature which I did if you want to add another follow procedure

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  • Mike_GMike_G Member Posts: 258 ✭✭✭
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    I'm sorry.. I wasn't exactly clear...  I knew how to disable the pics showing up in the signature.

    On other forums.. you can opt. to include your signature each time you post/reply, as you post it, as a checkbox on the post/reply page.  You can also have the signature in the first post on a thread only.  Just wondered if this forum had the same ability and maybe it was just disabled, or I was just missing it.  -=Mike G.

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