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I want to offer my support to my fellow canadians boaters in the Ottawa area.  In the wake of this very suprising event that took place in the Canadian Parlement.  Keep your head up and be brave do not let this coward act deter our resolve and beileve.


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    Thanks Lobo, my sister in Toronto knows the family of the soldier (I think she said he was from Hamilton) who was killed while standing guard at our National War memorial. He was a reservist so his family is likely not entitled to benefits. I hope our governemnt does something for his family, He has a five year old son. The shooter was tackled inside our Parliament by the Sergeant-At-Arms for Parliament (a former Police Officer)  or there would have been more deaths. MT
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    Crazy. I want to ask, what did we do to deserve this. We are always with open arms accepting people. What a slap in the face. 

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