XDP conversion to Ocean X what all is involved?

Although I never had any Bellows or gimbal ring or bearing issues with my XDP drives on my 5.7 osxi powered 350, I am considering making the switch if nothing else to be able to sell the boat someday. I would love to get some guidance from some of you who have pulled the trigger. I only have 230 hours on this 07 350 but the drives have not been trouble free. They have heavy pitting on the exposed case components and one of the drives has had somewhat chronic water intrusion in the case. I have them off now for extreme barnacle mitigation and paint. What all is involved in the conversion? is it bolt on or is there major transom modification involved? I see there are multiple sensors that obviously need to be wired and run to a monitor panel of sorts. I would want to do the mod myself but wonder if Volvo would sell it without a dealer installiing it. Any thoghts would be appreciated


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    I have just put down a deposit to have my working XDP on my '06 FV250 replaced with a new Ocean X. It should be a straightforward swap I'm being told, although removing the old transom assembly MAY in some cases damage the fiberglass. So plan on lots of labor charges for what involves a complete engine removal. The propeller hub has to be changed, but that is part of the "kit" that comes along with the new drive.

    The good news is that through the end of 2014 Volvo Penta is offering "registered" XDP owners a substantial discount on the new drive/install kit. Just go to their website and enter all your serial numbers and personal info. You do not have to be the original owner. The old XDP has to be shipped back to Volvo Penta to avoid a core charge. This is a parts program for dealers ONLY, and what they sell it to you for is up to them, subject to negotiation.

    You cannot just get the drive and install it yourself, the work has to be done by an authorized V-P dealer. Included with the kit is everything needed to do the job. I got bids on pricing/markups on the kit that were from reasonable to completely ridiculous, so shop around. Fortunately for me there are numerous V-P dealers in the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa Calif. area and the winning bid was very competitive.

    The new drive has water intrusion and low drive oil sensors that will not work with my '06 5.0GXI engine's electronic control module. Because of the oil sensor feature, there will be no oil reservoir, so checking the level manually will be a bit of a pain.

    I've done the math and it makes sense to do this. Increased resale value, better performance and reliability, with a one year warranty as icing on the cake. This was not an easy decision. But if the program ends, the cost of the Ocean X drive and parts kit will revert to full retail come January 1st, 2015. Of course they could extend it again, but I'm not going to take that chance.

    Please keep me and my boat in your thoughts and prayers as she goes into surgery very soon. I'll keep y'all posted.

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    Thanks Andy for your input. I really appreciate it. I have a lot to think about. My boat is out of the water now at an independant yard with the drives in my hangar at the airport! I" ll shop around and see what I can come come up with. I will keep you in my prayers that your experience is positive for sure. I hate that something I love to do so much has become such a major PITA! I got a **** of a deal on this boat in 2010 as a way to get out of my 04 270 with the same powertrain. Had zero issues in fresh water but in salt all **** broke loose! All I want to do is put it back together and sell it. Cant see putting $15000 in it just to sell it at a loss but that may be what I need to do just to sell it at all.
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    You guys are right on track!  When I did mine via a deal 3 years ago the process was easy!  As soon as the drives and transom plates arrived, my VP mechanic had the job done within a couple of days.  Prior to arrival both engines and plates were removed.  That gave me several days to really scrub the bilge clean!  Once you get your boat back spend 20 hrs breaking in the drives properly. Don't worry about checking the drive oil since the dipstick is on top of the drive.  The drives are bullet proof!  

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    Im glad you love your Ocean X drives LG. I hope I can make a deal that makes sense. I just need to find a dealer that I can work with up here in Nor Cal. Rinkers are pretty rare in these parts! Great boat in every other respect though.
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    Yes rare they are!  Only a few 250 one 340 for sale and my 320 here in the NW puget sound area. Everyone always asks me what brand boat we have and comments how nice she is! Funny, my 320 came out of Norcal in 2006. Picked her up in 09 in Portland OR. Original owner traded her in back in 07 or 08 for a Maxum or bayliner at the old Olympic boats.  They must have known early on about the drives.  Hummmmm.
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    B) Here are a few shots from the swap out 3 years ago.
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    They are pretty, Its a shame they have to live in the water! Definatley a big job to swap them out. Thanks for the pics! Ill keep you posted with my progress
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    Great photos and input, LG. Did you replace the engine mounts? The thread and nuts on mine a quite rusted. I'm definitely going to spring for a new bilge pump as access with the engine installed is so limited.
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    One other question LG, did you have the new drives painted?
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    Never mind LG, you just answered my question in your post on another thread. Painting is good. Cheers.
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    I keep'd the engine mounts on the ribs.  No rust.  The rear mounts are built into the new transom plates.
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    Here are a few more shots.  Note corrosion led system new with oceanx. Transom plates and shot of inside plate that attaches outside. 
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    Those are sweet looking drives!

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    Just spoke with a couple of local dealers today, Looks like if I pull the trigger Ill be able to buy the drives and do the install myself over the winter. I just need to figure out if the added investment will return upon sale since we really want to move to  a larger sedan configured boat. If it wasnt for the recent barnacle issues I really have not had any major problems with these drives. But then I only have 220 hours on it. I imagine if I really had used the boat more over the years I would have had similar issues experienced by those of you who chose to make the change.
    We'll see what happens, Will get firm quotes on the discounted drives next week.
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    I am in the same situation.  I have an 04 312FV with twin XDP drives and 5.0 OSi engines.  I was considering converting the XDP drives, as I have had nothing but trouble with them the last seven or so years.  already replaced both of them once due to the drive separating.  Not sure if the cost is worth it on an 11 year old boat.  But, if its not too difficult, I probably can save on labor costs, if I can do it myself.
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    carpediem, what kind of price tag did you get for the kit to do the swap? i too would be doing it myself if i have to do the swap. i bought my boat unaware of the issues with these drives. so far we've put 50 hours on the boat and no issues. it seems to be a hit or miss, some people have no problems, like andyd, and some have all kinds of problems.
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    Very nice @maxwell85 , they look awesome. What a way to introduce yourself to the forum! 😎 
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    Welcome to the forum @maxwell85

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