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can someone tell me where the a/c vents are located on your 270. adding system to a 270 w/o existing unit.


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    Under the steps with return in the wall in the aft cabin you will have to remove the step treads they are screwed in and the screws are hidden in the carpet you have to hunt

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    That's also how it is setup in the 260EC

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  • 99270fv99270fv Woodstock, GAPosts: 94Member ✭✭
    thanks guys! are you saying that there is only one vent? my step is already cut out for that one, I simply have to cut the carpet.   
  • Dream_InnDream_Inn Annapolis, MDPosts: 5,234Member, Moderator mod
    Since you are adding it in yourself, you may want to run a small hose to the head area as well.  It was the one thing that always bothered me in the 310.  Nothing worse than having a seat in a hot head to do your thing!  Showering is also no fun when it's warm (yes, you can leave door open when you think about it).

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    One of the items that FourWinns has on their cruiser is a blower-like head vent.  Good for keeping the steam down.

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