Volvo power and drive?

Ive got a 05 232 open bow with 5.7 Volvo/Volvo dual prop out drive. Thought? Good or bad? This is my 1st Volvo ive heard good and bad.

-Am I correct saying it is a 5.7 gm block? 
-can I break the 50mph Mark?
-are there engine mods? Or is it a computer thing? (I know it electronic fuel elections)
-Anyone else have this same set up?
-why Volvo vs merc?
-any other info would be great!


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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Dana Point, California, USAPosts: 0 ✭✭✭
    Volvo-Penta invented the sterndrive and have been building them since the 1950's. What model drive do you have? With the exception of one type from the last decade, widely discussed on boater boards, they have a pretty solid reputation. Volvo-Penta engine blocks are GM, correct. With proper care the engines are good for multiple thousands of hours of use. Good old American V8 iron. On Volvo vs. Merc opinions are all over the map, much like the typical Chevy vs. Ford truck discussion. 

    I have no answer to the remaining questions, others will no doubt chime in.
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    samp232samp232 Member Posts: 29
    Not sure of the out drive ill have to check, it the gxi motor if that helps.
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