Trim Tab Basics: How To Use Trim Tabs

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  • glynnalanglynnalan Callville Bay-Las Vegas, NVPosts: 36Member
    thanks for the share.  I've had a lot of wandering at low idle speeds on my 280.  just last weekend i chugged thru the marina and tried lowering my trim tabs all the way down.  this helped stay straighter course right away- reduced the wandering to almost nothing.  wish i tried this a year ago.
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    Thanks for this.  As a new boater, I have read about the proper use of the trim tabs, but have never seen it actually work on a video.  Have any of your ever considered the Lenco Auto Glide solution.  A fellow from SeaTow who lives a few doors down from me installed them on his 33 foot cruiser last year, and swears by it.  Just curious. 
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    I found them "twitchy" as in over responsive and opted for  the manual units. 

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    I find I'm putting my tabs down to get my boat to plane, a little different on the video...
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    But was interested the tip about putting the tabs down while going slow. My lenco tabs light up nicely in the dark but can't really read them during daylight..

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    I have found that at slow speeds having them down does help with the single engine wonder.
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    A trick I learned with the tabs.  If one engine is inoperative, put the tab on the side with the good engine all the way down.  It will make a huge difference in how the boat steers.
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    Dont forget that the port switch controls the S/B tab and S/B switch controls the port tab..........
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    why is that backward?
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    The law of physics. If you lower the tab on the port side its raises the stern on the port side so the bow has to go down on the S/B side. Next time your boat is in the water push down on the a corner of the stern and watch what side of the bow comes up......
    2002 342 Fiesta Vee PC Point Of Pines YC Revere MA.     [email protected]
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