Need Advice on Boating the Tenn Tom River from Chattanooga

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I just bought a Rinker Fiesta 340 and boat at Lake Lanier just north of Atlanta Georgia.  Lake boating is fine and it is all I have ever done.  However, I really want to take an adventure and boat the Tenn Tom from Chattanooga this Spring/Summer 2015.   I need some advice on the do's and don'ts before I undertake such an adventure.   There are many guide books, but I would like to hear from experienced Captains that have taken this trip before.  

If you have taken this trip, can you please let me know your thoughts and advice?   

Thanks and happy boating!  
Rich P.


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    I deliver boats from Nashville TN to FL via the Tombigbee.  I have made this trip over 30 times in the last 10 years.  Start with corp of Engineer maps for both the TN river and the Tombigbee River. There is two map books for the Tombigbee, upper and lower portion.   Also pickup Fred Myers books Cruising The Tennessee River and Tenn Tom Nitty Gritty.  If you have GPS maps that is good but do not go without the paper charts also.  Research about the locks and marinas along the way.  Lots of info on internet.  Fun trip, lot of tow traffic and pay attention to fuel consumption.  As the say " Never Pass Gas"    Hope this helps some.
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    Thanks for the info.  I will order the books and get the paper charts as well.  Thanks again.
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