Does anyone have any experience with DPS (Dynamic Positioning System), similar to the Zeus Skyhook ?   Is it more of a novelty or is it the wave of the future ?   I find that by boating in a river, sometimes while waiting for a slip at a restaurant or a spot at the fuel dock, the current is dragging me from north to south, the wind is pushing me from west to east all the while the tide is trying to bring me back north as it comes in... I'm all set up for it, and the dealer is telling me that now is the time to install it, but I can't justify spending the $$ if it's something that is more of a "HEY, look what gadget I have " !!!  Its seems like a nice thing to have if you are out alone and tying up at by yourself.  Hit the button and the boat stays EXACTLY (within a foot or two) where it is until you tie off and disable the system. Just looking for some different points of view.


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