Treating a slightly rusted metal frame - What to do? What do I use?

Hi guys, 

New Spring project: I've acquired a late 80's aluminum pontooned 37x13 Crest houseboat for the lake this year and plan on restoring it. The house portion is in good shape with a sturdy roof and solid structure, but the 13x7 front and back decks, and catwalks are completely worn out or are missing.  The outdoor carpeting and rotted plywood needs to be replaced. I am going to install solid composite deck planks, but would like to treat a few rusty spots on the frame beforehand. Any ideas on how to treat the metal and what to finish it with?  B)



2000 180 Bowrider, 135hp 3.0L Merc, 2.00 Alpha One Gen 2 OD, 14.5 x 19P prop

   Regular weekender, trailer stored indoors, Southern Ohio  


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