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Top Speed for 2005 262 BR with 375 hp 496?

EzgoinEzgoin Southeast Washington StatePosts: 80Member ✭✭
Just bought a 2005 262 open bow Captiva.  It has the 375 hp 496.  Just curious what I should expect for a top speed. 55+ ?

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  • EzgoinEzgoin Southeast Washington StatePosts: 80Member ✭✭
    Hope to find out in a few weeks when I get the GPS/Plotter installed. How accurate are the stock speedos typically?
  • EzgoinEzgoin Southeast Washington StatePosts: 80Member ✭✭
    So having had the boat out a few times now, but not yet running it over about 3500 rpm, I see that at 3000 rpm, speed is 30 mph.  Should I expect then that at the 4800 rpm red line, the speed should be about 48 mph?  The stamp on the lower unit says 2:00, which I assume is some sort of a final drive I correct?

    BTW, I have my GPS plotter wired in now and it looks like the speedometer on the boat is very accurate with the GPS.  I was surprised.
  • MarkBMarkB OntarioPosts: 3,084Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    I get around 30 mph at 3500 rpm. At WOT I'm probably close to 42 mph. I think drag starts taking over and the performance is not linear.

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  • EzgoinEzgoin Southeast Washington StatePosts: 80Member ✭✭
    So looks like I finally answered my own question.  Running along the other day at about 30 mph when a seriously loud 40'ish Formula cigarette style boat roared up beside me at probably 70 mph.  I dropped the throttle on my boat just for the fun of it and saw 52 mph come up on the gps really quickly.  I backed out before giving her time to top out or playing with teh trim, but I'm guessing 55 is realisitc, maybe just a touch more!  I had about 50 gallons of gas on board 10 gallons of water, a full complement of supplies for the day, and my wife and I on the boat.  I was actually pretty impressed at how quickly 52 came up from 30. 

    I'm not really into running wide open throttle to see if I can blow the engine, but for a big heavy deep-V, she runs out pretty good!  Of course the Formula just kept pulling away!!
  • AlswaggAlswagg Posts: 2,270Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2015
    The 496 base and H/O have the same crank piston's and rods.  aka same rotating assy.  The heads and cam are different for the 420 hp.  The H/O can run well past 5,800 rpm.  Soo, you are very safe to run at the 4,800 to 5,000 rpm at WOT. 
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  • EzgoinEzgoin Southeast Washington StatePosts: 80Member ✭✭
    Good to know!!
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