Anchor size 232

Can someone let me know what size danforth anchor they have on their 232,  is it a 11lbs or lighter



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    MidMichiganMidMichigan Member Posts: 3
    Have a 8lb Hooker in my 95 232, never seemed to be a problem. In the 99 232 I picked up last summer it has a 9lb Danforth and seemed to get the job done no problem. Im not out in the Oceans but both held fine in the Great Lakes. I do have a friend  who uses a aluminum anchor and its something Ive been eyeballing pretty hard.

    heres a link to the Danforth model
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    Skippy79Skippy79 Member Posts: 29
    cheers, just wanted to know which one fitted in the anchor locker up front and if it holds well.

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