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226BR Fuel Pump Whine

I am looking at a 2009 226BR with only 45 hours on the clock. I have noticed the fuel pump emits a high pitched whine after working for a while. I have had it pressure tested and the engineer stated it is running at 65psi rather than the 40 to 50psi which is normal. Is this a problem or a potential problem. Any advice would be gratefully accepted.

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  • AndySeatonAndySeaton Posts: 4Member
    Thanks Guys. All very useful.
    This will be the third Rinker I have owned having had a 232CC and a 282CC previously. The 282 had a VP 5.7GXi in it and the 226 has a VP 5.0GXi. I have never heard the fuel pump on the 282 at all and my expectation is that they are virtually silent. Certainly, you should not be able to hear it over the noise of the engine!!
    At this stage, I think I will throw the issue of the regulator into the mix and see where we end up.
    Thanks again
  • AndySeatonAndySeaton Posts: 4Member
    Have sorted this out now. Spoke to VP in the UK who said the GXi engine from this year does have a noisy pump which is an issue they have sorted on the later models. Go figure!
    Price of boat suits me.
    Thanks again for all your help
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