Steering wheel alignment to outdrive

I have a 1996 Rinker 180. Not sure exactly when I first noticed it, but either towards the end of last and definitely the first 2 trips out on the water this year my steering has been off. The boat goes left when the wheel is straight and its hard to turn back to the right when accelerating. When I took the boat out of the water the other day, I looked at the drive compared to the steering wheel. When the drive is straight back the steering wheel is turned to the right approx. 1/4 turn.

I have tried to research this site as well as some others about this issue but am not finding a real clear answer. Some say cables, others gimble bearing, others say cable adjustment but not real clear where I would adjust.

I am hoping there is some time of alignment or cable adjustment I can do to square this back out. I don't think is the gimble bearing becasue from what I've read it would be noisy and I would of a lot of slop when turning drive. Mine is not noisy and the wheel is really responsive to turning the drive, just out of position to the wheel.

Is there any place to align this? Any suggestions would be great?



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