342 Water System Question

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I just picked up a 03 342, I have never owned a boat of this style and want to ensure I am not making novice mistakes.  I know not to turn the hot water heater on without water in the heating tank, how do i ensure water is in the tank.  I would assume that if my fresh water holding tank was empty but i was plugged into city water then I would have water in the hot water tank.  I would also assume that if I was out in the lake and my holding tank has water, with the water pump on i would also have water in the hot water tank so that i could turn the heater on?  Do i need the heater if the engine is running, i seem to recall hearing the water is heated by both engine and heating element.  Thanks for any clarification anyone is able to offer.  

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    Find the pressure relief valve on the hot water tank and lift it until you see water coming out. That's when you'll know it's full.

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    Make sure the drain valve on the hot water tank is closed. Either do as noted above or just open the hot water at the faucets until you get a nice flow.  

    The engine will heat the water as you said, it may not be as hot as you like tho. 

    Once the water tank is full and the air bled out, the hot water tank will stay full. 

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    I drain and fill my fresh water tank just about every weekend.  I also add some water tank treatment when I fill it.  We mostly stay out on the hook so having water for a shower is a good thing.  We take bottled water for drinking.

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