Bad fuel ecomomy - fuel pressure is the key - Volvo-Penta bulletin P-23-7

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We have 2006 Rinker FV250 with Volvo-Penta 5.0 GXI-E 270hp (400hours).

We have been suffering from poor fuel economy for a past two summers. Our fuel economy sank over 25%, from average of 2 liters/ Nautical Mile to  2,6 liters / Nautical Mile. This means about 100-120 gallons extra fuel per summer for us.

I have checked almost everything and couldn't solve the problem. I even changed the distributor, since it was quite rotten inside and could lead to weak spark. It helped some, but didn't solved the problem. (

Couple of days ago I decided to change spark plugs. The were very black and dirty (see the picture below) which means that the engine is running very rich.
At the same time I changed the fuel filter. When I started the engine, I could hear a quite loud whining noise from the fuel pump.
Since the engine is injection engine and the fuel pump was whining, this was the key to find a problem. If the pressure in the fuel system is too high, the engine will get too much fuel. Engine adjusts the fuel mixture by adjusting fuel pressure. I googled and the fuel pressure should be around 45psi. I borrowed a fuel pressure gauge and when a started the engine, pressure went to 90psi and didn't stay steady, it was jumping between 75-100. This caused cavitation inside the high pressure fuel pump  and made the whining noise.

Some more googling, and I found this VP bulletin about fuel pressure regulator (it allows fuel to route back to filter if the pressure is too high in the fuel pipes on the engine). This bulletin is also attatched to this post. PB P-23-7 N03 V01 Fuel Pressure Regulator.pdf?dl=0

You really should read this thru. This is important. This bulletin indicates the problem with all engines older than 2010.

I opened the regulator and it was cloaked. I changed this screen with the pin mentioned in the bulletin and started the engine. The fuel pressure was 46psi!
So the problem was a faulty fuel screen, worth $2, and it took 10minutes to change with a since screw driver. Sometimes a small problem causes big struggles.. D

I guess the problem has started 2-3 years ago and got worse all the time until it was so bad the fuel pump didn't work anymore. This was the key finding. I hope this solves somebody else fuel economy problem without two years hunting. :)


Bad spark blug vs new

Fuel screen inside the regulator:

Finally, a correct fuel pressure:


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    That is a great find!  I'd say it is something well worth changing out even if you don't think you have that problem!!

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    Very good detective work. Glad it is a simple fix. And great instructions, this will help a lot of people in the future.

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    I have the exact same year and model of boat with the same engine. I'm not suffering the fuel problem you describe, but thanks for this valuable information. Forewarned is forearmed as they say.

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    I just ordered the E-clip and boosted the Swedish economy by $3.17. UPS did a bit better than that for shipping.

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    Andyd, You also might want to check this out, since you have the same engine:

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    Thanks for the tip. Yes, I saw that, it was an ugly mess. My lines look OK, but who knows if a leak is around the corner. As a bit of an extra precaution I plan to wrap the fittings with Rescue Tape.

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    I bought the E-clip weeks ago, but had not gotten around to installing it. I really don't know if my fuel pressure is out of spec and I don't have a gauge, but since the factory called for the replacement of the screen with the clip I thought I'd go ahead as a preventive measure.

    Removing the regulator was easy, pull the retaining pin, and after a wiggle or two it came out. The fuel inside was milky, not sure why.

    Prying off the old screen was a bit difficult, and you can see I damaged it. Now I'm all-in! I cleaned up the regulator and snapped on the E-clip. Piece of cake. The O-rings were in good condition.
    I reinstalled the regulator and then the moment of truth. Will she run? Well, yes she did, all is well and it may be wishful thinking, but the engine sounded healthier than usual. A fairly easy project for anyone reasonable handy.

    Thanks to our Finnish friend JohnnyCake for bringing this to our attention. The bulletin from VP made the install straightforward. Anyone with pre 2010 5.0 VP power should do this fix before the high pressure problem happens. 
    I love this forum!

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    That will help a lot of people thanks to you and JC.
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    Thanks. FYI the bulletin applies to pre 2010 gas EFI 5.7 motors also.

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    Is it applicable to the VP 8.1? I know a member just cleaned paint out of his regulator on the fuel pump assembly.

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    Guys if you buy a new regulator will it come the clip already fitted ?
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    I did this update and its super easy.
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    Just a thought ?

    whats going to stop the crap getting into the ejectors if you take the screen out

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    The screen is on the return...
    ..does nothing to keep debris from.injectors
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    Thank you for the tip. I was burning over 34 gph at cruise in my 320 with 5.0. The screens were plugged and my plugs were black. I cant wait to see how well she does!
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    Thanks for the information it worked for me engine was running rough and rich
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