Television and Sun Pads 290 EC

Okay, obviously i'm not technically inclined.  Two questions:  First, TV in cabin says "no signal" when turned on.  Am I supposed to hook something up here?  I  just assumed it would work when you turn it on.
Second, how the heck do you attach the sun pads to bow deck?  I put straps through brackets, but the black clips keep slipping off.
Any help greatly appreciated, and thanks!


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    MarkBMarkB Member Posts: 3,967 ✭✭✭✭✭
    The TV should be connected to a pizza sized dish on your radar arch. Second your amplifier should be on, look inside cabinet and you will see the TV cables connected into it andoesn't it should have a light on. Assuming all your connections are fine you need to tune in channels which you can do by going to menu and finding the tune channel function.

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    mattjakemattjake Member Posts: 19
    okay thanks brother!
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