bravo III leak

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I started a new thread as I was working off someone else's problem and thought I would get more input as his questions seemed to have been answered.
2005 bravo III with 200 hours. Noticed a leak, pulled the props and the seal in front of the first prop and at the bearing carrier is leaking slightly. Also, seems to be a little wiggle in that shaft, as you work it back and forth some oil seeps. With 200 hours, it is hard to imagine a bearing failure? The nylon area of the seal had a couple of nicks in it also but there was no evidence of any material getting up under that seal like fishing line or something....I have a friend that is helping and he works on a lot of other boat stuff but not to much experience with these drives. We do not have the tool to remove the carrier- if we can work that seal out, can we press another in without pulling the carrier? I found the tool number off a manual, 918053741 but when I google it, I don't come up with anything..... I know I should re seal the foot seals but getting ready to go on vacation and hoping something got up in there and messed up that seal and the others are good considering the hours on it....it is not corroded, was lift kept and trailer kept so does not sit in the water....
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