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Captivating 246 BR cooler

what size and brand goes into the cooler spot 


  • cettialpha6cettialpha6 Posts: 36Member ✭✭
    Just bought exact replacement at Walmart on line for $30 in April. White igloo  Marine Ultra , 36 US qts, 34L
    Its got better hinges and handles than the old one.
    I got it on line and they shipped to nearest store for pick up (couple of days)
  • Robs_232Robs_232 Posts: 212Member ✭✭✭

    That is same cooler that fits in my 04 232 Captiva. Got one at Bass Pro for about the same money. It's not a great cooler but serves it purpose for once a day filling. Wish my Yetti fit in that cooler location.

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