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CaptainfrankCaptainfrank Posts: 4Member ✭✭
I am the original owner of my 2005 342, Merc MPI 350, bravo 3's--

I have encountered a situation that I believe might be a bad sensor.

With the engine (Starboard) running or just the ignition in the on position, I am getting a two beep alarm every 2 minutes. The drive lube is filled, engine is not overheating and show good oil pressure.

Also, I have closed the circuit on the drive lube case and the alarm immediately beeps continuously, and when I open the circuit back to normal conditions the two tone beep goes back to every two minutes.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,


  • Michael TMichael T Posts: 6,384Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    This happened to me once. In my case when I filled the drive lube reservoir I must have touched the float that signals low fluid level and it set off the alarms as the flaot was stuck at the bottom of its travel on the SS pin. I freed it up and it floated up to the level of the fluid which stopped the alarms. Hope your solution is as easy.
  • CaptainfrankCaptainfrank Posts: 4Member ✭✭
    Thanks, appreciate your reply.
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