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Ok, most of you of you know me well enough that I won't add a topic saying buy this product or that product.  I thought I would give some kudos to a place that strictly does teak tables and boy do they do them well.  I bought two tables from http://www.marineteak.co.uk/  back in May and have been very happy with their product and their support. 

I bought this one for my salon/galley area because I wanted to fit my family of 4 on the couch with enough room to eat.  What is great, it allows me to fold it up for just the two of us or allow room for people to mingle and have drinks while using the couch.

This table I bought for the cockpit area.  It actually slides together for half the size when you just want to set some drinks on it, but opens up and allows, well, we fit 6 adults around it with no problem.

I purchased the semco sealer from amazon (that is what they recommend, but can't ship it from marineteak).  We certainly use the heck out of our boat and absolutely love the tables.  It is amazing how many compliments we got and people notice them first thing.

I was able to get Luke, from marineteak, to supply a promo code for us Rinker owners to use on his website for 10% off.  It is Rinker10.  & just to be clear, I have no affiliation with them and no I'm not getting any kickback.  This is just a product I've been looking to buy for a very long time. 

Now, let me add customer service.  I did have an issue with the slide table and was able to chat with Luke.  I had a bit of warping, he had me try soaking the table in water, which typically will fix this issue that only occasionally one might see.  Well, it didn't correct the problem &  I sent a few pictures. He immediately said it is something they've never had an issue with and is sending me out a new replacement immediately.  That is customer service!!  They stand behind their product! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or Luke at luke@marineteak.co.uk  .  Oh, and they ship the table and it arrives like 2 days later!  Amazing!

Sorry I didn't include pics from my own boat.  I took a bunch, but ask the guys from the Chesapeake Rinkervous....(I dropped my phone in the head during that fun).

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