Replacing the galley refrigerator

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Anyone replace a refrigerator in a 2003 Rinker Fiesta Vee 342?  I have a Tundra T42AC that has gone up but I am being told Tundra is out of business and the replacement is a Vitrifrigo C115(IBD4-F).  Any issues with the flange or anything else I should be aware of?



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    I was not aware they were out of business, I just bought a control unit for mine with no problem....have you looked at fixing it? It seems the compressors last just about forever, mine is an 05 and like I said, the control module failed and it's designed that way...just a thought. The module was 125 bucks, I know the fridge is a couple grand...
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    I was looking to fix it but the quotes I get are a couple of hundred bucks to take a look.  I found a replacement fridge for just under $1K so I might do that.  I will take a look at the control module and see if that is the issue and maybe try replacing that.  How did you know that was the issue?
    I have a 2006  342. just bought a vitrifigo .made in italy .much better quality then the tundra from mexico.if you go that route  you MAY  have to slightly widen the top and side of your wooden cabin hole with a jigsaw .i also had to remove the  rubber gasket and the sliding door  .it was well worth it .measure   goos luck
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    @SERENDIPITY @kbgolf1 I'm looking at the same change.  Noticed they offer 2 different flanges, one pulls the unit out about 1/4" the other makes it flush.  But flush would make the fridge about an 1/8 deeper.  Any thoughts/word of wisdom before I go order it?

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    Thanks for all the ideas. I bought an Isotherm Cruise 130... now how the heck do I get the old fridge out?  Does it fit through the hatch or is there a trick that I don’t know about?
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    Take off the door and brackets and any trim pieces. Same for the new one. I had to remove the rubber molding around my door to get in the new one it was that close.
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    Did you do the freezer/frig replacement?

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    Whats up with these guys who ask a question then never get back on??????
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    Indeed. Ghosts. 

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    Did that isotherm cruise 130 go in for you? I just bought one and it seems to be deeper than the vitrofrigo and the support beam of the hull is right there.  How did yours go in did you modify anything?
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