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I spent a couple hours in a nice cove today with my Admiral  watching activity on the water and getting a bite to eat. Beautiful day here today. When we left the cove the wind had picked up substantially once we faced open water with 4 to 5 foot waves in a 212. After 10 minutes we noticed a small power boat waving an oar in distress. We went over to assist, they had lost power. Due to the wind/waves there were no other boats in the area so we decided to give tow(they were 5 minutes from drifting on shore)  They wanted a tow to the cove where we had just come from but the Admiral said no way we are going back. We offered to tow them to a government wharf which was in our direction and they were ok with that. After 15 minutes of 1200 rpm tow in rough water we are now into a fog blowing across the Bay. While heading into the wind to avoid a shoal off a point of land the tow line snaps and have to swing back to re attach. At this point my wife is freaking and I felt our boating days have come to an end. An hour and a half later we reach the wharf and pull in on the lee side and released the boater from the tow. They were very grateful and offered compensation but we declined . We were just happy we were able to get them to a safe area.  Not sure about marine law but pretty sure if you come across someone in distress you have to assist. I remember stories that if you begin cpr on someone you cannot quit. I wanted to quit the tow but knew there were no other options for the guys.   We ended up anchoring near our marina in one of our favourite coves and chilled for an hour.  I think the Admiral has recovered enough as we plan to go out again tomorrow.   Due to the water conditions I felt we were being placed in Harms Way trying to help another.   Sitting at home now I am glad I was able to help.....was meant to be I guess. 


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    Michael TMichael T Member Posts: 7,227 ✭✭✭✭✭
    A clearly courageous and selfless act. The poor boaters must have been terrified and you pretty concerned. From this I judge you a good human being, great fellow boater and **** good captain. We are boaters, this is what we do. We won't leave other boaters in distress if we can help. If we can't save their vessel we can stand by to help rescue them from the water. Nicely Done 100% MT
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    halifax212halifax212 Member Posts: 553 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Michael. I read your experience with the wind conditions and just how fast a fun day on the water can change. The Canadian Power Squadron boating courses I took are very good and helped yesterday for sure. 
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    LaReaLaRea Member, Moderator Posts: 7,621 mod
    Well done.  They are lucky you were there.  Could have turned into a real bad day for them.  
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    pepmysterpepmyster Member Posts: 308 ✭✭✭
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    Well done, you did what we were taught in our Power Squadron coarse also. Always help a fellow boat when it will not put yourself in harms way also.
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    All I've wanted was to just have fun.

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    raybo3raybo3 Administrator Posts: 5,468 admin
    halifax Job well done................ A+++++++++++ all the way for you.....
    2002 342 Fiesta Vee PC Point Of Pines YC Revere MA. popyc.org     raybo3@live.com
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    l-skynyrdl-skynyrd Member Posts: 178 ✭✭✭
    Rinkers make good tow boats. I have towed in two boats so far this year. Did not except compensation from either one.

    You have to love the water....

    Len & Robyn   342 FV  Freebird

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    halifax212halifax212 Member Posts: 553 ✭✭✭
    thanks guys!  Just got back in from a great day on the water. The Admiral was in much better spirits today :)
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