The height of a FV 250?

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Does anyone have the figures on the total height, from the keel to the upper edge of the wind screen, on a Fiesta Vee 250 (2003)?

I have searched the web but can´t find it.



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    I don't know the exact number, but I can do a rough estimate. Cabin headroom is about 6 feet. From the foredeck to the top of the windshield is about 18". Add 6'' for the hull thickness top and bottom. From the cabin floor down to the keel, tricky but I'd guess about 18" also. Add that all up, 9' 6", what we call in the States a WAG (wild a** guess) but I bet I'm not far off.

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    Thanks Andy

    My reason for asking is that I´m about to sign up for a new indoors winter storage and there is limited headroom in the entrance so I need to determine if the boat, on trailer, will fit or not.

    I know the distance from the ground up to the keel while the boat is on the trailer and I know the Bridge Clearance figure (6 foot 10 inch). So I need the overall height or the distance from water line down to keel straight below the wind screen. Since the boat is in the water there is not really a way for me to take measurements.

    I believe however that there is quite a god margin in your WAG. The total height is probably well below 9´6” since my boat rides 1´5” over ground on my trailer and I have a head room of 1-1½ foot while trailing under bridges with a limited height of 11´5.8”.

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    Email Cindy Scott at Rinker. She should be able to give you the specs. [email protected]
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    Last time I talked to Cindy @ Rinker she said she couldn't offer any dimension info related to the FV250 because the stopped building them 7 years ago and no drawings/plans are available. Somebody has the blueprints in their attic or basement somewhere though, I bet.

    I would measure mine but like yours Pam, it's floating, in my case in the Pacific Ocean!

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    I also have had contact with Cindy before and were told that unfortunately no blueprints are available any longer. Got hold of some electrical charts though. But that was it
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