Merc tune-up question

Have a 2006 246BR with 5.7 & B3, which we bought 4 years ago with 68 hours on it. Have done just the basic oil/lube/winterizing, plus an impeller, and it's been fine. Has about 300 hours now, and on our winterizing bill was this somewhat cryptic message, that I've not yet discussed with our mechanic. "Tune-up is original. We have been seeing a lot of problems with dist caps on this type of dist. Recommend complete tune-up, as it is all original."

The boat ran okay this past season, though it seemed down a few hundred RPM at WOT, and was a bit slower from the start, almost like it would be after a season of gunk on the bottom paint. So, I'm wondering what a complete tune-up entails, and what's potentially wrong with the distributor cap on this engine. Seems reasonable that it might be time, or past time, for a tune-up.



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