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Since I'm moving into a Boatel, local fire regs say I have to have an automatic fire suppression system installed.  Anyone have any ideas for the most bang for the buck?


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    You just need the current version of a halon type, temperature released. Need to know the ft3 of the engine compartment to size it right.

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    Maybe Boomer still has the excellent article on fire suppression from the old RBO library. It had it all and I almost did one in our 270.

    Seems that halon has been updated to a newer chem (FM200) that is preferred these days. I think West M has an article on the newer type suppressants here:

     Calculating the volume, I think I came up with about 200cf for a 270 with an auto release and an optional manual discharge for around $500 if I mount it. Integrating an engine and genset shut down and blower shunt were extras worth considering. Most that I'd seen were going in the engine compartment on the aft shelf just above the drive.

    Not a bad plan for everybody. If nothing else it'd buy you some time to save the crew, and worth every penny if it did.

    Good luck and let us know what you find. Mike
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