Oil Pan Drain Fitting For Oil Removal

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After our discussion of drain pan fittings and pumps a week or so ago  I decided to see if I could find one of the drain pan oil removal fittings I had used in the past. Overtons used to sell a complete oil removal system - brass drain pan fitting, hose and 12v oil removal pump. I installed them on a couple of my boats and for a number of friends. Some of the installs are over 15 years and are till working great. Overtons no longer sells the pump and I believe Quick Drain was bought-out by a competitor, but like I posted in the earlier discussion, I think, at least as of 2015, Overtons still sells the oil pan fitting and hose as a complete assembly and you pick the pump yourself from another supplier. You can see from the fitting that there was a quality Teflon/noryl washer on the pump end of the fitting. This was the end that I cross notched to get all of the oil out. I thought I had a spare around somewhere and found it as I thought it might be interesting. All this has got me motivated to see if I can find an "automatic" oil removal system  that is not through the dipstick for my 502s as the through the dipstick removal system left about a pint of used oil in my pan before I went to the bottom-type oil pan removal fitting. At the moment I like the Reverso systems.


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    fumoto makes the best fitting available so far as I'm concerned.  I have one on each of my vehicles, and have three on my diesel- one on the oil pan sump, and one on either side of the block's coolant passages... I wouldn't mind putting a couple on the boats block, too- they are sturdy pieces of equipment, and make changing fluids a LOT easier- plus, they'll pay for themselves with a quickness, as you don't ever have to worry about replacing the crush washer again. 

    edited to add:  https://www.qwikvalve.com/About-Fumoto.html
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    @212rwoboat. Are the drain hoses on your vehicles permanently installed? My friend has a bunch of trucks that he has quick oil change fittings running from the pan. The hoses for these are SS to avoid nicks etc from stone damage. Pretty cool!
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    yup... the fumoto is permanently installed... just like the plug, but not a plug... I have a hose in my change kit I slip over the nipple, so as not to lose it driving down the road- I think the fumoto's with the nipple are designated with the same part number, but with a dash A on the end (-a), or maybe it's a -p, but it's a dash something.  :smile: 

    point is, of all the gadgets out there that do the same thing, the fumoto is the ONLY one I trust.  Once you get one in your hand, you'll see why immediately.  
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    MT, thanks for posting!

    That Fumoto valve does look like a well-made device.  I like the positive-locking handle.  I smell an upgrade for LaRea.
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