Good Items To Have On Board

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Along with the usual tools and "emergency repair" parts like zip ties, ring clamps, fuses, lengths of hose for fuel water etc. there are a number of"'emergency" parts and just plain "helpful" parts that I keep in a couple of plastic bins. Here are a three that Santa brought me this year for my "safety bins":

Rescue Tape - a silicone-based tape that has 950psi tensile strength, can withstand 8,000 volts, 500F heat, oil, acids, water etc. It will bind-up and hold most failed hoses and electrical connections until you reach port.

Stay Afloat - a USCG/CCG recognized emergency leak plug and sealant that can be molded to fit hull cracks and holes and through hull/seacock failures. A nice compliment to safety bungs.

Jabsco Water pressure Regulator - great to install in-line at marina water outlets to reduce high city water pressures or spikes from well-fed systems. I install one on my water supply hose wherever I travel to prevent my shore supplied water pressure from blowing-out my boat's water inlet connection. Ever seen how a fast a boat fills if this blows out?


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    Making a plan for less stuff on board - I've made a conscious decision to try and limit the 'stuff' for next season. I'll always have the full complement of safety gear....for sure.

    Probably 70% of the extras I load each year don't get used. Example: cockpit table - never used, dry bags - never used. Beach toys, etc.

    Amaze myself with the bins of gear that get put away at the end of the season.
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    I will take a look and go over everything soon. 
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    What you want on board does add up quick. I always would rather have what I need than need what I want. If you have the room to store it I would keep it on, you never know when that stuff will come in handy!
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    I have too much stuff on board too. this winter (that would be now) the Admiral and I are going to determine essentials. There are some things that must stay on board and two of the three I showed above are "musts" for me. I don't have to have the pressure reducer on board but the other two could make the difference between a sinking/costly repair or not so they stay, along with the life jackets. Maybe not the BBQ gloves?  LOL
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    I'm increasing the amount of liquor for sure ran out twice last season. As far as the rest an extra 20 pounds of emergency repair stuff I won't take off better to leave a person home than not get home. The stupid stuff floats no one uses and so on gone. 
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    Boat us should offer "liquor drops" like they do with fuel! Lol
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    @awhires, there are guys who will do that where I boat. You order groceries with a "side" and you use your cell phone NOT the VHF...LOL
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    My previous marina had dock boxes, miss that. I carry way too much on board. But handheld vhf/gps that floats is must have for me
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    I thought about making a ditch bag.  You know, the "if you don't jump off the boat in the next ten seconds, you'll die" bag.  Two inflatable vests, VHF, emergency medical, not sure what else.  Also figure out where to stow it.
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    sun tan oil and a bottle of Jack and a bucket of ice...what's all this other stuff for?
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    Thats a great Idea LaRea especially when you have a gas boat.  :)
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    I always keep a spare IAC valve on board.  They don't tend to last a long time in engine bays, so a five minute fix out on the water can get my engines back on line so I can dock.  It surely sucks when you try to engage reverse while docking, and one drive stalls out.  Pucker factor.
    Also a quart of oil, container of drive oil, spare keys.  
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    @glspro, thanks for the tip! I'll have one on board before launch this spring. Have to appreciate all the great suggestions on this forum!
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    Finalizing my list of essentials to have on board.  Do you think the 7oz or 14oz is enough for Stayafloat?  Thinking in terms of storage space, 7oz would be great but dont want to be going down and telling myself...dang I wish I had 7 more ounces.  Maybe I just answered my own question....

    What do you guys have?  What other "must haves" do you keep?
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    A sharp folding knife, easily accessible in the cockpit in case you need to cut a line.  Cell phone charger.  Spare shore power cords and various adapters.  A couple days worth of any daily medications.  
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