Upgrading the TV/DVD in a 2008 260 EC

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Good afternoon everyone.  New the the Forum, first time Rinker owner, lookin forward to chatting with everyone.  
I am looking to see if anyone had upgraded the stock TV/DVD player.  I purchased a 24" LED TV/DVD combo unit from best buy (http://http//www.bestbuy.com/site/insignia-24-class-23-6-diag--led-720p-hdtv-dvd-combo-black/1039004.p?id=1219465782596&skuId=1039004) on a really good deal, and I'm curious if anyone has done similar.  I am worried about being able to open the cabinet door with the larger width tv on it.  The weight is not an issue, as it weighs 6.4 lbs, probably less than the sock unit.  If it doesn't fit, it is no big deal, there is a 19" also of the same unit.
My other question is, hooking up the TV to the two cabin speakers.  Has anyone attempted this? It sure would make movie watching more enjoyable.
Thank you in advance everyone!
>:)Where's he get those wonderful toys? >:)

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    Welcome to the site. Good question. I want to do the same. 
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    Thank you sir! Happy to be here!
    As time moves forward, so does tech, so upgrading for me is a no brainer.  I never use it underway, so 12V isn't an issue for me. But on those nice nights on the power hook, it is a nice luxury. 
    I don't have any prints for the dimensions of the cabinetry, so I can't trig it out :-/
    and of course, she's cuddled up in a warehouse where I can't get to out of marina business hours.  Poo. haha
    >:)Where's he get those wonderful toys? >:)
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    Yes sir, the unit I purchased is a combo unit.  I wanted to keep it as close to OEM as I can.  I just want to optimize the size of the screen vs the available space.
    Watch, pretty soon we're gonna have the cloud over the water streaming crappy overpriced comcast right to our boats haha. For $200/month of course :-P
    >:)Where's he get those wonderful toys? >:)
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    Welcome aboard. I replaced my TV with a 12VDC 19" TV/DVD combo by Axess. I got the TVD1801-19. It is nice to be able to use the TV out on the hook and not worry about a generator running. If you take the headphone or audio out to the AUX in on the stereo, it would work for you.
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    Thank you sir, happy to be here :)
    It is nice to have some entertainment for the quiet times on the hook I agree, especially since I don't have a genset lol.  The next one will for sure.
    Using the jack absolutely would work - it is nice that all the TV's and such have every media port imaginable now.
    I was thinking of isolating the two front cabin speakers to the TV only, and add another pair out in the cockpit.  I wonder how much modification to the stereo will have to happen.  
    I'm daydreaming out loud, sorry guys haha.  B) 
    >:)Where's he get those wonderful toys? >:)
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    You could use the fader on the radio to the front speakers. The speakers in the cabin are the front ones and the ones in the cockpit are the rear ones. The rears are usually on an amp.
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    A little late here, but you could also just get a switch-box (or whatever they are called) for the RCA inputs on the amp that feed the cabin speakers.  You wouldnt' have to mess with the stereo to hear the TV then.  Just put the switch box between the "front" outputs on the head unit (stereo) and the inputs on the amp.

    My boat has a 4-channel Sony amp.  The cabin speakers feed off of two channels (left and right "front") and the cockpit speakers feed off of the other two channels.  It's probably similar for your boat.

    -=Mike G. (yep... I'm still around ;)  )

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  • JohnCostellloJohnCostelllo Member Posts: 67
    I have the same boat as yours, without TV.   Where is the TV power come from? there is no plug or circuit in the cabinet     Thanks   
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    It's relatively easy to run either 12v or 110v receptacles if you are handy. The biggest trick is to score the gel coat or wood surface if you are cutting a hole for the receptacle to avoid chipping. Sometimes running the hole saw backwards will also avoid chipping. Of course you want a very fine toothed hole saw. If running 110v I would get molex OEM clip plugs that will clip onto spare tangs in most Rinker electrical panels and be sure with both 12v and particularly the 110V to use marine wire. the 110v marine wire is stranded and tinned.
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    I have a thread on this also- got my old combo unit out tonight. Looks like to use the cabinet and keep the tv towards the front you have about a 13 x 13 space to work with on my 270- plenty of depth going from a tube to LED...
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    I figured I would post a pict of what I did. I got rid of the cathode and installed an AC Vizio 24" led. It had VESA mounting holes on the back so I used a flush mount that we use on our medical devices which our company mfgs. It allows the tv to be easily removed. The tv has an integrated stand that's about 4 inches wide which you can see in the pict. So we can easily move the tv above deck to hang out and watch the tube if we so choose. 
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    Here is the mount. 

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    Looks very nice Craig!

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