Volvo Penta power steering actuator problems

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Greetings all....I have a 2008 280 EC with 8.1 Gi.  I purchased the boat 2 months ago and at 361 hrs the power steering actuator siezed up and almost caused a collision with another boat. I had to pull so hard-on the steering wheel that the ram pulled the threading out of the connector that connects the teleflex cable to the actuator. Removed it, replaced it and the new one leaks. What a POS and not rebuildable at $500 -$700 a pop. Has anyone had problems with these junk parts from VP? Is there an alternate solution? 
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    Al should answer this
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    I have never had a Volvo steering regulator fail.  But then again we don't service many Volvo units either.  Maybe only 15 to 20 of our customers have Volvo product.  Sorry 
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    Hello AirDude,
    I had problems with my steering mechanism similar to what you are experiencing.  It began as an occasional stutter transmitted all the way to the steering wheel when turning to the right.  Ended by leaking fluid.  I had it replaced in Detroit where it developed the leak on our 2010 loop trip.  No problems what so ever with the new one.  The boat is a 2006 model.  Knock on wood!
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    Same problem with a 300 2006, have put some Lukes Oil to stop the leak, but at the end of summer was hard again, will have to look at it in spring !  Keep me posted what you find !
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    I have a 2006 Rinker 270 Fiesta Vee with a Volvo Penta, and my marina servicing center (Edgewater, MD) is telling me the loose steering system is worn out and will have to replace then entire system at a cost of $13,000+.  I told replacement parts are so scarce they have to ordered directly from Volvo and the charge for this system plus labor will be between $13,000-$14,000.  Do I have any alternatives with this dilemma. 

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    That's unbelievable , Not not familiar with volvo's someone on here will be. wow  
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    Isn’t that the price of an entirely new Volvo dual prop outdrive? Doesn’t add up. Have you looked in to the price of the parts if you bought them online? I would do that and I would try to call Volvo marine parts directly to confirm. 
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    @Iburnett, I sent you a PM.

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    I was going to say that by 2008 all omc junk was long gone.
    it definitely sounds like something was broke prior to the purchase. It could of been the cable , pump or actuator.
    ill put it to you this way. Murcs actuators are also very expensive and some
    older ones are not made anymore. So it goes back to what can you find in the boat yard.
    post some pics and we can go from there. Issue is obviously Volvo will be much more money since merc has the market cornered.
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