Waterline Calculations

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Our recent discussions on the draft of our boats got me thinking. My EC 360 sits lower in the water than some others. Yes, the 502 Mags would weigh more than 350 or 377 Mags but maybe there's another reason for draft differences in the boats? I'm thinking the difference in the specific gravity of salt water versus fresh water. I guess one could calculate the area of their boat bottom, which I think is done by going L x W x .85 then multiplying by each SG and subtracting the difference. I'll have to play with this a bit LOL 


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    It's almost as simple as:

    Depth to bottom of hull in fresh water x SG of fresh water / SG of salt water.

    The actual area in both cases is almost the same as your above the chines and on the vertical portion of the hull, so the area cancels itself out.

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