Home made outdrive jack/stand

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I was looking to fabricate an outdrive stand when I stumbled across this at a cheapie tool store.  Harbor Freight had a lawn mower jack that looked perfect for the job without any modification other than making a wooden "fork" to hold the drive.  It was almost too perfect! One of the features is that I can raise it waist high and it has safety pins to prevent the jack being lowered too much and hitting the skeg.   $99.00 
the only mod I should have done is put a few casters on the bottom but I was in a rush.  Capacity is 300lb. And I did nothing to prevent me from using it for my tractor


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    Now that is genius trash!!  Just don't let them know or they will start charging more for it! Could you maybe show a better picture of the wood setup without the drive on it? Did you bolt the wood on?  Thanks for sharing!!

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    I'll have to take more for sure.  The wooden "fork" is simply 2 2x6s cut to 2ft length and spaced about 4 in apart.  They are bolted on one end with 4 (2each) 1/4 in really long (7in) carriage bolts to a 2x3. The wood fork rests on the crossbar and the long bolts prevent the fork from sliding off the jack.  The wood you see toward the front is simply used as a shim, my boat is jacked waaaay up in the front and it helped lift evenly. The wooden fork is just laying on the jack.  I put a strap Over the drive and under the jack to secure.  
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    you sir are a genius. been trying to figure out how to remove my bravo without killing myself all night
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    Super old thread but thank you... ! 
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