How to install bow padding in '94 Captiva 180.

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We decided that it's time to redo the seats and padding in the bow of our '94 Captiva.  To our dismay, we cannot figure out how the original seats where installed onto these bolts.  It appears the bolts where originally installed into the wood on the pads, and then bolted on from behind.  How in the world do you reach those things?  Do we have to separate the hull to get to them or what?  Thanks for your help, and happy boating!

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  • NucklezNucklez Posts: 4Member
    Thank you for that.  It does appear that there are slots cut out in the fiberglass so they can slide forward and back about two inches.  Then screws that go in to hold them in place.  I'm wondering if they where redone and someone else put the nuts on the inside of the hull to hold them in place.  I just found that I can reach the nuts on three of them, so I will put at least those back in properly and figure out how to handle the remaining two nuts on each side.

    As for the wood, we've been getting untreated plywood and covering it in resin.  My dad did this years ago and had success.  Have any of you tried that?  
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    @Nucklez...I have always used marine ply but lots of friends have done exactly what your Dad has done with perfect success. Sometimes "old school" is even better than new products!
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    Oh, to clarify something.  The board in my picture isn't my dad's work.  :smile: This is my personal boat, that's I've owned for about two years now.  I've learned lots of lessons on what to look for when buying used boats in the future.  
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    @randy56..  Thank you as well.  After looking over it a few times, I was able to get a wrench to all but one of the bolts.  The one farthest to the front of the bow.  Lucky, there is a screw there also, that goes through the outside of the vinyl to hold it in place and can be installed easily from the outside.  I may just leave that bolt as a place holder if I can't get to it to get it out.  Otherwise, I can get the other four out without a problem.  You are right, the fiberglass on the inside of the boat is terrible.  I'm going to have to wear long sleeves to work in there for a longer period of time.

    We've been debating on how to handle the vinyl.  My wife can sew, but we have one of the "plastic" Brother machines.  It was expensive for a Brother, but not sure it can handle the thick material.  We'd love to do it ourselves, just need to research it a bit more.  Maybe search for some posts here about it.  Thanks @Michael T and @randy56 for your help!  Happy boating!  :)
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