Waste tank location 1989 250 Fiesta Vee

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I am hoping someone can help me determine (1) if the 1989 250 Fiesta Vee had a waste tank originally, (2) if so where is it located.

I know it is not in the engine compartment, as I recently removed the entire fresh water tank and it is a single tank and definitely not waste.  The previous owner had a porta potty setting in the bath, but neither the 0.75" inlet or the 1.5" outlet was connected nor was the pota potty attached.  There is another post (https://rinkerboats.vanillaforums.com/discussion/comment/24465#Comment_24465) that has a picture that looks exactly the same).  Any chance there is a holding tank under the raised portion of the bath floor directly under where the toilet will attach (see picture). 

I will tear into it this weekend, but was hoping someone could just tell me.  

Thanks so much!!!

This first picture is the set up I have (minus the attached toilet)

The second picture is what I have.


  • dan4307dan4307 Posts: 4Member
    and these are the fittings on the outside of the boat.

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    Welcome to the forum!  & great looking boat!  Love the full canvas on the back.  Looks like the first picture has a manual vacuflush system.  This type of system would have a remote tank.  Looking at the side picture, above the "R" there is a small hole that looks like a vent.  That could possibly be the vent for the original waste tank.  Is there a pumpout on the boat anywhere?  Actually, looking at your side picture again, the vent could also be the smaller one in the circle you added as well.  Curious what the white circle thing is on the back.  That looks like something was removed and covered.  Could it have been where the pumpout was?  I guess I'd say you need to follow the waste line to see where it goes.  It is possible the location of the waste tank could be behind a panel in the aft cabin stbd side.

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    Thank you so much.  I think this will help me. The white circle thingy is basically a 3" hole that was cut by the previous owner to install  a small light switch (I guess taking the side vent out to install the switch was too easy).  I report back what I find in the next week or so.
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    Dan, you the exact same set as i do, no waste tank, use a camping style toilet with a pump out connector, its a self contained unit something like this
    The circled area on the side of the boat is the pump out connector at the top and vent below, the one below the water line is the sink drain.
    The circle above the Rinker name is the vent for the fresh water tank.
  • Dream_InnDream_Inn Annapolis, MDPosts: 4,497Member, Moderator mod
    Oh, that makes sense Britin.  Sounds like my old 24'.  It had a porta potti with a pump out.  Is that what you are talking about? 

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  • BritinusaBritinusa Baden, PAPosts: 302Member ✭✭
    Yup that's it 
  • dan4307dan4307 Posts: 4Member
    Thanks guys.   I will send the manual pump toilet I bought back and get the right one.   Thanks again. 
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    Hey Dan, Britin hit it right on the nose. you can carry out, or pump out the toilet. Works great!
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