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Last season I noticed a small amount of water constantly in the bilge of my 07' 230 EC, I figured I had a small crack in my gimbal or shift bellows.  I was able to get it in with the local mercruiserbcertified mechanic and was relieved to find out my bellows, shift linkage, and gimbal bearing are all in what he said very good condition. Unfortunately the leak is coming from a seal between the outer transom and the gimbal housing.  They were able to apply a marine sealant for now and said the leak has stopped for now.  I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this type leak?  The mechanic informed me the engine as well as the gimbal assembly will have to be pulled in order to replace this seal, we plan on selling the boat within a year or two and not sure I wana fork out the $ to get this repaired if the seal will last and will not cause any excessive damage.    Thoughts???
2007 230 ECC 350 Mag MPI Alpha 1


  • Handymans342Handymans342 Cape Coral, FLPosts: 6,525Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    Me and Raybo both had this leak. They were able to slide my engine far enough back to remove the inner transom bracket. Still not cheap. 
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    Pulling a motor on this model boat is easy.  Even on a very slow day the whole job could be completed in under 8 hrs.  That would include, removing the outdrive, pulling the motor, pulling the transom assy, resealing the transom, reinstalling transom assy, motor and drive.  and of coarse water testing.  In our shop that would be under $1k. 
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    That's good Al but no one lives by you
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    All service shops should have basic equipment, Outdrive cart/hoist, Overhead hoist, Air powered tools.  plus it should be done inside, not out in the elements.  My shop is small, very small, but efficient.  Pulling engines using fork lifts, travel lifts, tree branches.  lol  Not recommended or safe. 
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    I don't remember ever using anything but a tree branch...LOL :p
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    I helped a buddy when I was about 22 years old pull a motor using a big tree and a cumalong lol... looking back it could have been bad but we were kids and always right.
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    Do we know what seal he is talking about?  It sounds like the dreaded swivel shaft seal, but I don' think any sealant could work to plug that up given the movement of the shaft.  The actual transom seal?
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    From whats on the ticket its the transom seal. But thats best guess, when I go pick up my keys Im goin to confirm with the mechanic
    2007 230 ECC 350 Mag MPI Alpha 1
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    My tree branch worked fine on last boat.but I might have the same leak on my 270fv 2002.I always have water in my bilge.plan to get it figured out this year.good luck on yours.
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