I need Help!

huffman1010huffman1010 Southern, IndianaPosts: 2Member
To make a long story short and just get right to it... my husband and myself are thinking about upgrading to a larger boat. However, we have no clue what to price ours at, being we do not know the value. 
My husband purchased a Rinker new in 1998. He was lucky to take it out once a year. 2 years ago that all changed when he became a family man. Now, the boat is too small for us. He says it's a 1998 Rinker 180 Super Sport. However, I can't find ANY THING besides one pic on google, online to use as any type of comparison or resource. I am beginning to think we have the only one ever made....if anyone knows anything about this boat or anywhere I can find useful resourcing please share. All help is greatly appreciated. 4l


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