Re: 1993 rinker 300 with 5.7l carbed v8.. does it have OEM temp warning buzzer/sensor? + sync questi

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Hi Guys,
Was out on the weekend, one of the engines temp gauges showed high... it was at 190-200deg or so, the other engine showed 160 or so. The gauge that was showing 190-200 flickered once and a while. No overheat buzzer came on.. does this boat have a overheat sensor/buzzer?

I will test the gauge this weekend and see if its working, if it is, I will pull the thermostat and replace, and put a new impeller into the engine pump.

I will leave the drive units impeller last, as it was replaced a year ago. And dont want to have to pull the boat out of the water.

Any other ideas? Is 190-200 hot for these engines if in fact its not the temp sender?

its a open water cooling system, in fresh water.

any comments or ideas are welcome.

Also... on a side note... how hard is it to sync the throttles on these old school engines? at WOT one engine thottle is about 1/2 inch away from each other to match revs, and one engine is 600rpm away from the other one at WOT. Is it just a matter of pulling the carb covers, and looking the the throttle plates and syncing them up with an adjustment on the cables?




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    FYI, if you have Bravo Drives (I assume you do), you do not have to pull the boat to change the seawater pump impellers.  I'd say you could do a quick swap between gauges to see if it's the gauge or it follows over.  You could also swap wire at engine to see if it follows.  Also could just swap temp sender. (yes, I take advantage of having two engines)

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    I doubt if the 1993 had a buzzer, just gauges.  I've only had single engines but 180-200 seems about right to me for a 5.7.  I like dream_inn's idea of swapping sensor wires to check the gauges.  Thermostats are another variable.
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    Can you not adjust the throttle "stick" travel at the helm?
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